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The 10 Days of Kicks-mas

Posted in sneakers by arcanedufresne on December 15, 2007

If you don’t already know, I enjoy sneakers. I wish I could call myself a sneakerhead but I don’t know if I can go that far yet, since I have never stood in line for hours to buy a 500$ pair of limited edition kicks. Regardless, I often fantasize about this, and constantly make mental lists of all the sneaks I wish I could cop. So I decided that in reverence of the season I would post every day until Christmas with a different picture of a pair of Nike Dunks that I have found myself coveting.

Today’s pair is one that I have wanted for ages and contemplated just buying them many times, and hopefully soon I will pull the trigger once I get a little cash flow from my job, which is going well by the way. These are the De La Soul Edition HiTop Nike Dunks. Size 11 please, thanks.

De La Soul Dunks


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