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Posted in music by arcanedufresne on April 27, 2008

Every time I see another photo or video or review of the Glow in the Dark Tour it makes me want to go more and more and more. Ridiculous.

Elvis Freshley

Posted in clothing/fashion by arcanedufresne on April 27, 2008

Last shirt of the 3sixteen collection. A few more items to post yet. Royals took two of three from the Blue Jays. The weekend was good, besides getting weirded out by the townies at a yokel bar. Paintball was an absolute blast even though my body is battered and bruised from the warfare.



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Peaceful as doves…

Posted in clothing/fashion by arcanedufresne on April 24, 2008

…cunning as serpents. There are only a couple more items to go in this marathon of posts. It’s Thursday already, which according to Mook is “Friday” since Friday everyone has more fun at work, making real Friday “Second Friday”.

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Slump (Slump)

Posted in ballin, clothing/fashion by arcanedufresne on April 22, 2008

Mook, Tyler and I played some outdoor ball today after work with some dudes who play on Tuesdays. It was a good time for the most part and I dunked one at the end.

On a more, if not the most important note, STARTER will be releasing new gear in the fall of 2008, including the infamous Starter Jacket, which every kid owned at least one of at some point. I think I had ones for Orlando Magic, Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bulls and Notre Dame. So pumped.

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Maybe It’s My Fault

Posted in ballin by arcanedufresne on April 21, 2008

Might be a minute late on this, but I just saw it. Still the best ever.

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Time to Pretend

Posted in clothing/fashion, work by arcanedufresne on April 21, 2008

Series 6 certified. One more test to go for work. What a load off, again. This test was so dramatic at the end because it took about 20 seconds for the score to come back and I was sitting there with my head down, scared to look. But nothing but good news, I passed so I’ve got a raise and bonuses coming my way. Having money’s not everything, but not having it is. Schoolyard b-ball tomorrow with a bunch of people after work as long as it’s nice. I really need that boombox.

Another 3sixteen shirt. I need to post more regularly again, B-team on my part. Murdered out print on the back reads “Seeds of Rebellion”

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Posted in Uncategorized by arcanedufresne on April 16, 2008

I need to find a tape deck boombox before the start of the softball season so that I can make dope playlists to kick some jamz before games.

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Dwarf Status

Posted in sneakers by arcanedufresne on April 13, 2008

I think I threw my arm out at practice this morning. They have the Caramel Clae Russells at UBIQ downtown. I wanted to cry, and almost put the cash money on the counter for ’em. Some day.

The Royals need to GTFST.

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Zombie Nation

Posted in ballin by arcanedufresne on April 8, 2008

Shirt #3

And a little Jackie Wilson before work today. I also have been listening to Vampire Weekend during my commute and finally realized how incredibly good it actually was, so check it out.

Royals home opener against the Yankees starts tonight. Big ups to all my haters.

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The Coup

Posted in ballin, sneakers by arcanedufresne on April 6, 2008

Shirt #2

Planco II softball practice today went well, it was wet and cold but I am so pumped for the season. I need new kicks. Someone buy me the caramel Clae Russells in size 11. thx.

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