ar·cane (är-kān') adj. requiring secret or mysterious knowledge;

i ain’t eatin, i’m olson twinnin

Posted in ballin, clothing/fashion by arcanedufresne on May 3, 2008

Four things from the first order left to post, only to have the second wave of the shipment on track to be in my neck of the woods by Tuesday. Four more shirts, a zip-up hoodie, and a slick new ballcap. I passed my last test (Series 63) for work on Thursday and went to the Phillies v Padres game that night, so Thursday was a good day for sure. It’s so nice to not have any obligations to tend to this week and finally catch up on a few things (being a bum, playing video games, cleaning, etc.)

Season opener for softball tomorrow if the weather cooperates, but I think it is supposed to be relatively nice by game time. So pumped.

I am diggin’ this crewneck sweatshirt a boatload because I’ve been fiendin’ a crew for some time and it’s got pockets sewn into the front like a zip-up. AND the cut and sew quality is so superb.

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