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Posted in music by arcanedufresne on December 20, 2008

With a work ethic comparable to Weezy, Charles comes to play. I can’t even listen to his newest drop all the way through and the next one is out already. This track is probably my favorite he’s done so far and now there is a video for it.

Charles Hamilton – Brooklyn Girl

Wanna Be a Balla

Posted in ballin, politics by arcanedufresne on December 17, 2008
2008 Person of the Year


This wasn’t a big surprise, although I was pulling for The Dude. The following link is an article written by Craig Robinson (Obama’s brother-in-law, and Oregon State basketball head coach, but not Darryl Philbin from the warehouse) about his love of the game of basketball and how it may help shape politics over the next 4 years (in an indirect and sort of cheesy but cool way).

Check it.


Posted in movies by arcanedufresne on December 15, 2008

I’ve used one word to describe myself

Posted in ballin, the funnies by arcanedufresne on December 11, 2008

Keith Law is a writer who has a blog on and writes about Major League Baseball. At work this week, I was reading one of his posts about the winter meetings in Las Vegas this week and it hit me. Keith Law Blog! Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog! LAW BLOG!

Also, on the topic of the winter MLB meetings, we signed Kyle Farnsworth today, and once again I find it nearly impossible to form a solid opinion on whether this is a good pick-up or a dumb move.

Tiffany Blews

Posted in music by arcanedufresne on December 9, 2008

I know that every d-bag emo kid and high school cheerleader loves Fall Out Boy and Pete’s peen, but if they make good music, I can’t stay away. I stumbled across their newest album when I found out that Weezy is doing some vocals on a track (Tiffany Blews), but seriously, the album is a gem. Folie a Deux.

It’s out next Tuesday, I think, but really if any part of you is an unashamed pop-punk and emo-lover, give it a listen.

The Grand Lebowski

Posted in accomplices/associates, movies by arcanedufresne on December 7, 2008

Yesterday was the build up to the Dude Day that Mook and I had been “planning” for months. It was awesome, even if simply for the fact that the White Russians, aka Caucasians, were delicious.

The Dude abides…

…and the Dudes abide.

Tekken 3

Posted in ballin, work by arcanedufresne on December 4, 2008

I talked to a man named Hihashi Sakashita, similar to Heihachi from the Tekken series. Tekken 3 was always my favorite. At first I was thinking of Yoshimitsu, but then I figured it out. We ran an illustration for Kazuo Suzuki.

On the work topic also, we had our quarter and annual bonus meetings so what up baller.

New episode of the Office tonight. Catan with Scott and Gina in about 15 minutes. I better win one of the games or I will flip shit.

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Props to TyBo for this one

Posted in music by arcanedufresne on December 3, 2008

You know what? Ludacris seriously does not get enough credit. Maybe partially because his singles are usually the most gimmicky on the record, or the club tracks are the ones that get air play but the dude can spit and is absolutely legit with a punchline. Theatre of the Mind fools.

And for some ridiculous reason, Vimeo videos will not post in my blog, only as an embedded link.

Everybody Hates Chris from DTP TV on Vimeo.