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Thurston Howell III

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The activities on Thursday could potentially be summed up by this photo:


So awesome/frustrating/exhausting/adventurous that you just look up to the sky with your arms slightly askew and get a little dizzy until you realize its vacation and if you don’t die, it makes good stories. Mickey and I got Thai food and sucky iced coffee (suck it Starbucks) and then Alex and I went to the Shedd Aquarium, got a ride from the tow truck driver to the Art Institute (I hope his boss doesn’t read this) and then got dinner and some olde town pub while we waited to get her keys back from the driver which we left in her car. After a few drinks at some Wicker Park joint, sleep beckoned as did another A.M. flight the next day.

Mickey you are the best weatherman ever

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Hollywood Hiatus

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The delay in between postings can be directly attributed to me being on vacation and having a super good time.  I am going to post one picture from each day of the trip. 

Wednesday was crucial because I got to see Annie and get lunch at the best burger place ever, Kuma’s, and washed it down with an extremely enjoyable midwest beverage of choice, Pabst Blue Ribbon.  Wednesday afternoon Mickey and Greg picked me up and we got some bevvies and hopped on the train to meet up with old friends (Nick), new friends (everyone else) and saw the White Sox win at U.S. Cellular Field.  I miss Mickey’s guts and we had a great night.