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Music Monday

Posted in music by arcanedufresne on June 22, 2009

A bit late, but better than never; the second installment of Music Monday.


It’s a shame that for most people, myself included, it took the toiling of somewhere along the lines of 13 years for the band Phoenix to finally start to show up on the amazingly good music radar. Anyone who reads this and has known of these guys for that long, or even remotely close to that long, probably want to punch me for adding to the poisonous collective of scavengers who are uncovering one of their beloved diamonds in the rough, but it had to be done.

Phoenix – 1901

I know I have already described things worthy of the moniker “summer anthem(s)” but I swear to all the holy upstairsmen that this electronic alt-rock offering is the end all be all of the season. The French quartet open Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix with Lisztomania, a catchy upbeat jam with about 600 remixes surfacing already on the internet. It also may be the only song ever written about Franz Liszt, a 19th century classical composer. There is also a point at about 2:52 on this track where they steal a bass riff from Gene Simmons on the song Detroit Rock City, I swear. On Fences, the band channels an almost funk/disco feel, and it’s one of the tracks where you can feel the Daft Punk influence, along with Love Like a Sunset, as guitarist Laurent Brancowitz was in a short-lived side project prior to Phoenix with the two gents who went on to form Daft Punk. The album is full of perfectly placed build-ups and break downs, [done especially well on Countdown (Sick for the Big Sun)] that manage to channel a spectrum of emotions from joyous to melancholy; energetic to relaxing; and they make it all work extremely well in a coherent 10 song bundle of joy that, as soon as it ends, you can hit repeat and it feels brand new again.


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  1. tybz said, on June 22, 2009 at 9:23 PM

    man, if they are really 13 years in the game, then wouldnt daft punk be using them as an influence?

  2. mickey said, on June 23, 2009 at 7:30 AM

    not to sound snooty but i’ve been on the pheonix tip for 4 years now haha. still love alphabetical.

    • arcanedufresne said, on June 23, 2009 at 7:42 AM

      I told you man, the people who have been on, will make sure it is known. I appreciate your dedication.

      I did listen to the old stuff and loved it as well.

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