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Gallows – Grey Britain

Posted in music by arcanedufresne on July 6, 2009

After a celebratory birthday bash for America this weekend, what better way to kick off the week then with a British Invasion of brutality?


An epic high seas opening track sets the stage perfectly fitting to the aptly titled band, Gallows. The first full song is London Is The Reason, and draws semblance to We’re Down Til We’re Underground era Give Up The Ghost. Besides the fact that the album is called Grey Britain, you can feel the U.K. countrymen oozing Brit on every track, from their lyrical content to the British snarl spat out by Frank Carter, who happens to be the meanest looking redhead I’ve ever seen.

Listen to London Is The Reason here.

Gallows spend the album painting a bleak and brutal picture whose tempo only lets up in small doses. Their ability to temper the angst with songs like The Vulture Act I make the doom of The Vulture Act II that much more of a bludgeoning. There are so many highlights to this album but what really shines for me are the small things (youth crew vocals on Death Voices; Clutch-esque southern grunge breakdown on Leeches; air raid siren intro to The Riverbed) coupled with a straight onslaught of driving guitars, heavy bass, fast-paced drumming and a British wolf barking venom over 52 minutes of chaos that bring the entire album together. Pick up Grey Britain and start a riot.

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