ar·cane (är-kān') adj. requiring secret or mysterious knowledge;

Posted in art, ballin, love by arcanedufresne on July 17, 2009

Baseball cards are one of my favorite collectibles of all time. They were at a heyday in the mid-90s and we literally have tens of thousands of cards in boxes in our basement closet back home. My favorites were basketball cards from the 90s (especially Skybox) and 70s and 80s baseball cards, especially Kansas City Royals players. This actually led me to an inspirational moment today in which I decided I want to paint a “series” of 3 or 4 different trading card styled paintings but paint them on blank maple skateboard decks. Coming soon, hopefully.

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  1. lefebves said, on July 17, 2009 at 4:26 PM

    want one to hang in my future apartment!

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