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The Bloody Beetroots feat. the Cool Kids – Awesome

Posted in music by arcanedufresne on August 5, 2009

At first glance I wanted to hate this song simply from looking at The Bloody Beetroots. They are an Italian DJ duo who sport Spiderman/Venom masks reminiscent of some sort of Hollywood Undead/Daft Punk combo. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the beat is dope and The Cool Kids come in and kill it, as they usually do so check this track out.


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Despite the fact that the human race is murdering and pillaging its way through existence while destroying the planet, sometimes a single act of random humanity and thoughtfulness towards another person is enough to make you think there is reason to hold out hope no matter how small the gesture.

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Falling Away From Me

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I have been really digging a lot of fall/winter line previews that have been surfacing of late. The things that particularly peak my interest have a very simple and organic feel which is represented in both the line and the photo shoots. Here is a glimpse of a few that have really caught my eye to date:

King Stampede



I hope to be sporting some of this come Sep/Oct/Nov/Dec

Vinnie’s Vintage

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People around me are growing up. Getting married, buying houses and settling into careers. Sometimes I feel like I should be doing some of those “grown-up” things, which includes furnishing and decorating my house with the greatest array of wild animal teeth and a typewriter from 1953. The Hovey sisters inspire me.


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