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Young Greinke

Posted in sports by arcanedufresne on September 24, 2009

Every once in a while I’ll make a sports related post, and today is one of those times. If Zack Greinke does not win the Cy Young, it will be an outrage. A TONY HARRISON OUTRAGE!

Young Greinke could either be a combination of both Cy Young and Zack Greinke’s last names, or Zack’s MC name, should he ever take up rhyming.

I’ve compiled a random assortment of facts and information from various sportswriters and bloggers. If these stats do not cause every single person to see the light, then there is no hope for humanity.

Greinke 15-8 2.08 229 11 .228 .806 63.90
Hernandez 16-5 2.45 196 14 .229 .839 60.74
Sabathia 18-7 3.31 186 18 .232 .625 57.84
Lester 14-7 3.33 215 19 .240 .733 57.83

Greinke 4-0 0.63 47 1 .155 5-6 74.2
Hernandez 4-1 1.64 29 2 .209 6-6 63.8
Sabathia 4-0 2.16 46 1 .227 6-6 63.2
Lester 5-0 1.94 39 4 .201 6-6 65.2

The stats are easy enough to look up, and they make an air-tight case on their own: first in ERA (2.08)*, WHIP (1.06), shutouts (three), batting average against (.228), on-base percentage against (.272) and OPS against (.608)**; second in strikeouts (229), strikeouts per walks (4.87), quality starts and complete games (six); and, of course, dead last in run support (4.72) while pitching in front of the league’s second-worst defense (the White Sox have one more error, and recently nudged below the Royals by 0.1 in UZR) and worst bullpen.

Fun Fact: Some think Zack’s candidacy is built on his preposterously good start, but he’s now given up one earned run in his last 35 innings and actually has a lower ERA since the All-Star break (2.02) than before (2.12).

Fun Fact: Some think Zack has pitched against too many bad teams, but he’s made fewer starts and pitched fewer innings against last-place teams than CC Sabathia. Actually, and maybe this is the money quote, take away wins against last-place teams and Sabathia and Greinke are tied at 11. Also, Greinke doesn’t get to pitch AGAINST the Royals.

Fun Fact: Some question how Zack does against good teams, but he’s now 6-4 with a 1.23 ERA and 101 strikeouts in 95 innings against the AL’s winning teams. Sabathia is 7-6 with a 3.42 ERA and 107 strikeouts in 108 innings against the AL’s winning teams.

Here are all the pitchers in baseball history who have had 210-210-210 blackjack season. That would be 210 innings, 210 strikeouts, 210 ERA+.
Pedro Martinez, three times (1997, 1999, 2000)
Walter Johnson, twice (1912 and 1913)
Roger Clemens, 1997
Dwight Gooden, 1985
Bob Gibson, 1968
Pete Alexander, 1915

Based on some quick math, it looks like if he throws 10 scoreless innings in his final two starts, he will have an ERA below 2.00. He could also give up one run in 14 innings and drop that ERA to 1.99.

Greinke’s ERA in losses & no-decisions is 3.23. Sabathia’s overall ERA is 3.31

Thank you to Mellinger, Posnanski, Jazayerli and anyone I missed who produced these stat nuggets.


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