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Wavves – Wavvves

Posted in music by arcanedufresne on October 12, 2009

Music Monday sometimes can be a chore for me. It comes to mind at some point on Sunday when all I want to do is watch football and eat pizza. I have got to get motivated so I’m going to be taking steps to make sure this gets done on a weekly basis again. This week’s review may be an album better suited to the summer time, but deserves some attention regardless.


Short and sweet. If I had to describe the band Wavves, this is what comes to mind: Imagine some guys wandering the beach on a cloudless day; not hot, but the sun seems to be the shining the brightest it has in a long while. The men on the beach look as if they could be vagabonds or hipsters; or likely both. They stumble across some instruments. A guitar, bass, drums and microphone which have been bleached and worn by the sun, surf and grit of the ocean front beach for decades. They plug in and start making noise. And that’s what it is…noise. But it’s strangely catchy noise. It’s surf rock at its most dissonant that sounds like it’s being played at the bottom of the ocean. At first you’re not sure how to feel about it but it gets under your skin, and every time you listen to it again, it grows on you. Wavvves is a grimy amoeba of sound that you can’t get enough of, a shape-shifting barrage of crusty, lo-fi rock. Go check it out and get weird.

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