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Rubies – Explode From the Center

Posted in music by arcanedufresne on October 19, 2009

Despite the sickness, Music Monday will prevail.


When I think about Rubies’ Explode From the Center, I hear a mellow 70’s intimate, disco feel intertwined with an air of sophistication that I feel wouldn’t be appreciated if I were any younger (as if I’m so mature and adult-like right now) Explode is a lost LP from your Mom’s collection that fell out of the crate and somehow landed in your stack of new releases and tricked you into loving it. Tracks laden with funky bass and synthesizers (I Feel Electric), sultry guitar riffs (Room Without a Key) and smoky vocals (Too Bright) intermingle across the entire album while remaining simple as you soak them in. A good listen if you’re coming off a sickness (like me, which led me to this review finally) Explode from the Center is soft, enticing, intimate and makes you want to get your mojo back; good for an impromptu late-night bedroom dance party. One complaint would be at only nine songs, it falls on the short side of satisfying but other than that issue, a stellar effort from Rubies.


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