ar·cane (är-kān') adj. requiring secret or mysterious knowledge;

Why people e-mail

Posted in musings/writings/creations by arcanedufresne on November 6, 2009

According to Learn Something New Every Day, 14.4 million letters are lost in the mail every year.

Where do they all go?

Loopland Heroes

Posted in art, comics by arcanedufresne on November 6, 2009

Check out this fun little number from Allan Sanders and his other work at Loopland.

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Street Preacher

Posted in inspiration, music by arcanedufresne on November 6, 2009
“Gotta shake free from the chains
you see what remains
just a human being end of the day
don’t matter to me what name you gave your spiritual plane
close your eyes and you’ll see what I’m saying

I started rhyming just to be somebody
found out that I already was
cause can’t nobody be free unless we’re all free
there’s no me and no you its just us

Street Preacher is what a fan once called me
I been called worse and tried to live up
hope you don’t mind a few more stories
I swear to god y’all I tell em with love.”


Tonight at the Church Brother Ali will be moving the crowd. Look for me, TyBoe and Scoot. 40s in hand.

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