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Donnis – Diary of an ATL Brave

Posted in music by arcanedufresne on November 9, 2009

I want to do more hip-hop albums here, but I never find myself taking to the time to spotlight them on Mondays.


10 Deep knows how to pick their players well. On their 3rd sponsored mixtape, they’ve tapped Atlanta’s Donnis to go in and as hard as it may have been to follow Kid Cudi and Wale, the kid steps up pretty well. Diary of an ATL Brave kicks off with an 808s and Heartbreaks sounding beat as Donnis gets into his introduction about being a hipster but not wanting to be labeled one, etc etc but a solid opener nonetheless. Underdog really gets the album going with a soulful sample for the hook and an energetic horn section. Lyrically Donnis is on point, clever punchlines and wordplay, definitely on par with his 10 Deep predecessors but also bringing his own southern ATL flair to the table. You can feel the southern inflection in his voice, more prevalent on some tracks than others, that is reminiscent of David Banner mixed with B.O.B.

“Roadrunner tryna run it like a track meet. I’m the bomb bitch, ACME.”

Listen to Underdog

The first half of the album is filled with some solid bangers. Booming beats courtesy of J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League (who do the majority of the album’s tracks) and Bun-B’s velvet vocals fire on Country Cool. Colin Munroe guests on the chorus of I Am Me, which hits in the middle of a string of songs with an R&B-ish chorus and mellower flow and Donnis hits a little lull here in the middle of the album. 10 Deep produces a signature T-shirt for each of artists’ release and on this time around they opt to use the track Sexytime for the theme, which is a mildly entertaining song with a few cheeky rhymes, but overall comes off a little cheesy. Diary of an ATL Brave comes to a close after only eleven tracks with Ticket to the Moon, but you can feel the potential oozing out of this kid on the release as a whole. The album is easily worth the listen even if only for the first half and another solid 10 Deep drop as well.

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