ar·cane (är-kān') adj. requiring secret or mysterious knowledge;

Concrete and Sediment

Posted in inspiration, love, music by arcanedufresne on November 13, 2009
I’m trying not to slip, been trying not to lose footing
Loose land keeps that pressure on my kicks
But when I fall I tend to land like a ton of bricks
Stand like a man made of concrete and sediment
Like fuck your skin, nobody needs it
There’s bones, muscle and blood, what’s realer than fat and tendons?
It’s raw, no soft tissue to draw your eyes to it
So far flesh ain’t the truest at all, let’s rip into it
We all sick of the missed shots
Passed over like the last man picked, no team, so pissed off
That’s not honesty, that’s just soft curves
Got your world flipped, got you making mixtapes for girls
And that’s the skin again, let’s blame the skin again
Stretching itself so fluidly over these awkward ligaments
And I didn’t shave today, I probably won’t tomorrow
When it’s safe to say I’m never gonna shed these extra… yeah so…


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