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Lee Fields & The Expressions – My World

Posted in music by arcanedufresne on January 11, 2010

Lee Fields & The Expressions sound like a band who were plucked from another decade and dropped into the present. Luckily, they kept playing the music they knew best, and it is classic soul, which Lee Fields has been doing since the ’70s. Fields vocals are drenched in soul, hearkening back to legends like Marvin Gaye and Otis Redding. My World is a collection of smoky ballads and fervent jams, from the sensual “Honey Dove” (my personal favorite) to their cover of Diana Ross and the Supremes’ “My World is Empty Without You”; this is a instant throwback, soul classic. “The Expressions Theme” was created for weekends, whether that be a sunny Saturday in the park, strolling through the city streets on a cool summer night, or driving top down with your lady at your side. Mondays are rough, get some soul today.

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