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Bring on the Redcoats

Posted in sports by arcanedufresne on June 10, 2010

While walking from my house to CVS late last week, I noticed a striking ad on the wall of the covered bus stop. It was an illustrated poster from ESPN for the country of Greece promoting the upcoming World Cup (which starts tomorrow). I don’t know as much about soccer as I wish I did, but nevertheless I am excited for the tournament, especially Saturday’s much touted match-up between the United States and England. I spent a good bit of time scouring the internet trying to find more of the national posters and finally came across a site that displayed each nation’s spot as well as a little background info on the imagery. These are fantastic so take a minute to check them out.

Here is the Greek poster on the bus stop in Conshohocken:


As well as some other favorites (including the U.S. of course):





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