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Thursdays With Thunder

Posted in sports by arcanedufresne on June 24, 2010

Growing up loving the NBA in the late 80’s and early 90’s, there was a plethora of fun Caucasian basketballers that I admired. From the assist wizard (John Stockton), to the gutsy veteran (Mike Gminski), to the sharpshooter (Mark Price). Basketball was more entertaining to me back then, and sure, I might have been 11 years old and limited knowledge about the game, but it seemed to have more flow and more heart, despite questionably inferior athleticism (Do you think John Stockton could contend with Deron Williams one-on-one? Speak on it.)

I’m hoping to take Thursdays With Thunder (in honor of one of my favorites, Dan Majerle) to highlight a random player for a while, spew a few stats or trivia bits and of course post a few fantastic photos. Kicking it off is Jeff Hornacek, a Midwest native who graduated from Iowa State University (boo) and is known as the guy who touched his face when he shot free throws as a weird way of saying hi to his kids every game. My dad was always a huge Hornacek fan because of his Iowa/Midwest roots and also because he played for the Phoenix Suns (his favorite team) back when he still cared about basketball. We even had a binder of Jeff Hornacek cards. We salute you, Horny.





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