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Posted in accomplices/associates, skateboarding by arcanedufresne on July 1, 2010

As usual, like I told Big E, my crushing urge to skate comes in big waves, and lately I’ve been on full tear. I really need someone in the area who wants to go out and even just bomb some hills and ollie off of a curb. Bringing out old Transworld videos (again), buying Skate 2 (I know it’s old, but I got it used for 8$) and now today thinking about all the famous spots from videos and video games that you always wished you could skate has really got me wanting to get back out there. SOMEONE, ANYONE, LET’S GO SKATE!

3rd & Army – San Francisco, CA

Carlsbad Gap – Carlsbad, CA

Hubba Hideout – San Francisco, CA

Brooklyn Banks – New York, NY

Love Park – Philadelphia, PA


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  1. tyboe said, on July 3, 2010 at 1:06 PM

    dude. id definitely sprain my wrist to come skate with ya homie. lets big time it.

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