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Dear Mama

Posted in family, home, love by arcanedufresne on September 30, 2010

The following is an excerpt from a text message conversation I had with my dear Mom yesterday:

Mom: You were born at 8:41 A.M. Why do you want to know?
Me: So I knew when I could celebrate
Mom: All day long 🙂
Me: You’re the best. I love you, Mom.
Mom: Love you too!!

End scene.

Best lady on the planet!

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Omar’s Comin’ Yo!

Posted in clothing/fashion, tv by arcanedufresne on September 30, 2010

This month’s issue of GQ features the suited stylings of Michael Kenneth Williams. Dude looks dapper in these three piece suits and although I haven’t yet, I plan to watch Boardwalk Empire as I have heard nothing but good things being said about it. I am really digging the ties he sports in the shoot as well, so grab the latest issue, or go to GQ and check it out or stop by my house and read it.


The Bellyscratchers’ Last Night in Town

Posted in accomplices/associates, adventure, family, history, home, inspiration, iowa, love, poetry/writing, travel by arcanedufresne on September 29, 2010

Upon getting my last roll of film developed, I was scrolling through the photos and came across this one about halfway through. Forgive me while I reflect on it with some sentimentalism momentarily and go softie on you all, but this couldn’t scream any more symbolically about why we spent this weekend in the mountains in the first place. The east coast won’t be the same without you, Ty, and I’ll miss you out here, but good luck finding those greener pastures you are seeking. Santiago & Dunbar 4 eva.


Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

The Carter & The Buffett

Posted in home, inspiration, music by arcanedufresne on September 28, 2010

This is almost a week old or so now but I can’t get over the juxtaposition of the gentleman gracing this cover. Two savvy businessmen, standing on top of their respective mountains of cash. One’s empire built from the ground up out of the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn; the other’s razed out of the heartland of America as the “Oracle of Omaha”. I stay on my grind…

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Mt. Vans

Posted in adventure, sneakers by arcanedufresne on September 27, 2010

Does anyone think these shoes from Vans are actually going to cut it in the wild? I’ve been wanting a decent pair of kicks to go muckin’ around in, and I do like the looks of these, but it seems like the only thing making them “hiking” shoes/boots is the hiking lace loops and earthy colorways. Thoughts?


via hypebeast


Posted in adventure by arcanedufresne on September 26, 2010

I also jumped off this little cliff/waterfall area into the water below and had a blast. The water was so cold it took my breath away.


Blakeslee Flea

Posted in accomplices/associates, adventure, comics, music by arcanedufresne on September 26, 2010

This weekend, me and some of the boys went up to the Poconos for one last summer-ish/nice weather man weekend. On Saturday morning, we drove to Blakeslee to hit up the Chat-N-Chew Cafe for breakfast and stumbled across the Blakeslee Flea Market after breakfast. Flea markets have to be one of my biggest weaknesses, mainly because I love other people’s old crap. After two hours (which wasn’t enough) we had to head back to the house to meet Joel and Gary but here was my haul, for a measly 4$

A tie bar shaped like a sword, Minnesota Vikings iron-on patch, Budweiser keychain, two Iron Man comics and Neil Young’s Comes A Time (with custom album cover artwork).

Fancy Feet Fred Wallerston

Posted in art by arcanedufresne on September 26, 2010

This was a project that came to me on a whim, I wanted to make a fox boxer. I got a little excited when I started, hence why his head is so big, but it was a first trial so maybe we will see more from Frederick Wallerston in the future.


Inked, but missing the floor and background color

El Guincho – Bombay

Posted in music by arcanedufresne on September 26, 2010

El Guincho came on to the scene for me about half way through the summer and I was digging it hard. Here’s an amazing video for an equally amazing song. Did this just make my blog NSFW?

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Posted in adventure, animals, friday by arcanedufresne on September 24, 2010
It’s Friday. Get Wild. Love Life.


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