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Work with me

Posted in accomplices/associates, family, love by arcanedufresne on November 29, 2010

Dear Friends,

I promise this blog is not dead. I have been busy grinding at work and also working on a couple of side projects that are starting to see the light of day, hence the reason the posts have suffered here at Arcaneland. Even more unforgivable is that I missed a Friday Get Wild post the day after Thanksgiving. But seriously, check back soon, things will be back to normal but in the interim check out some of the other internet exploits I’m involved in:

UNDSTPD – The best sports blog alive

Mishka Bloglin – I’m writing the Sporting Observations posts weekly under the tag RoyaleNoCheese

Clarence & Frank – My photo blog of all my adventures captured in 35 millimeter analog joy

It won’t be long and all this will get sorted out, maybe we can even get an apartment together…ya know…get things back to the way they were.  Please be patient, I’ve got nothing but love for you all.

Mercifully Yours,

Matty Lancs

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