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Posted in ballin by arcanedufresne on August 17, 2009

Potentially one of the dumbest fan moves of all time, and also possibly the most hardcore LeBron fan alive. Who is going to one up him and get LBJ’s portrait as part of a mural back piece?


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Royal Blues and Expensive Shoes

Posted in ballin, clothing/fashion by arcanedufresne on July 23, 2009

At least that Royal blue still looks fresh, even if our team stinks. Thanks Chuck for reppin’ and Chip tha Rip for posting this.


Phonte and Big Pooh

Posted in ballin, family by arcanedufresne on July 22, 2009

My little brother’s high school baseball team won their district game last night and if they win tonight go to the state tournament. Of course he made the front page of the online version of the Sioux City Journal.

Read the article.


Today Was A Good Day

Posted in ballin, sneakers by arcanedufresne on July 19, 2009

Posted in art, ballin, love by arcanedufresne on July 17, 2009

Baseball cards are one of my favorite collectibles of all time. They were at a heyday in the mid-90s and we literally have tens of thousands of cards in boxes in our basement closet back home. My favorites were basketball cards from the 90s (especially Skybox) and 70s and 80s baseball cards, especially Kansas City Royals players. This actually led me to an inspirational moment today in which I decided I want to paint a “series” of 3 or 4 different trading card styled paintings but paint them on blank maple skateboard decks. Coming soon, hopefully.

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Afterlife on Mars

Posted in ballin by arcanedufresne on July 10, 2009

I have always been a huge fan of Mars Blackmon and Bodega dropped some new gear and accessories including this skeletonized version of Mars on a keychain.


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Posted in ballin, gripes by arcanedufresne on July 1, 2009

If you Google “frustrated Royals fan,” I am guessing you will find at least 6,000 results with a tale similar to this.

The Amazing Josh “Tony” Womack

Posted in ballin by arcanedufresne on June 30, 2009
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Wu-Tang V. Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band

Posted in ballin, music by arcanedufresne on June 30, 2009

This may be one of the coolest/funniest things I’ve ever seen and who among us has never imagined the Wu-Tang Clan as some sort of “Dream Team” that could play and win in any sport. Well here are the results of that dream.