ar·cane (är-kān') adj. requiring secret or mysterious knowledge;

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Who wants to go to the Conshohocken Library with me Saturday???

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“It doesn’t say much. Only ‘Howard Roark, Architect.’ But it’s like those mottoes men carved over the entrance of a castle and died for. It’s a challenge in the face of something so vast and so dark, that all the pain on earth–and do you know how much suffering there is on earth?–all the pain comes from that thing you are going to face. I don’t know what it is, I don’t know why it should be unleashed against you. I know only that it will be. And I know that if you carry these words through to the end, it will be a victory, Howard, not just for you, but for something that should win, that moves the world–and never wins acknowledgment. It will vindicate so many who have suffered as you will suffer. May God bless you–or whoever it is that is alone to see the best, the highest possible to human hearts. You’re on your way into hell, Howard.”


-Henry Cameron, The Fountainhead

The Outsiders

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Col. Mustard in the Library

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The home library/study. While I slowly amass a larger book collection (and yes comic books count, I don’t care what you say) and subsequently watch them stack up in various places like on my nightstand, on the floor, on top of my record player, overflowing my makeshift bookshelf, etc. I am hoping that this is a sooner over later situation, but I will need something better to accommodate my book situation.





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I will be resolute


Another year has passed and another set of goals and resolutions for the coming year.  2010 holds so much promise both in my heart and mind.  Check in this time next year to see how much I crossed off the list this time around.

  • Read at least one book per month (on average)
  • Paint 4 new works of art
  • Fill at least one Moleskine notebook with drawings
  • Create an EP of music (any genre/type, minimum 5 songs)
  • Continue to eat healthy, exercise and take my vitamins regularly
  • Obtain some sort of video filming device and create homemade “movies”
  • Write a collection of short stories/anecdotes (in cursive)
  • Visit 3 new destinations/places I’ve never been
  • Learn how to play chess
  • Learn how to cook 5 new dinner dishes
  • Learn a new language (Still focusing on either French or relearning Spanish. For real this time, no more effin’ and jeffin’)
  • Grow my vinyl collection (already started with my purchase of Illmatic two days ago)
  • Continue to develop the brain child that is Westmar Connection
  • Continue and enjoy the Drink of the Month Club
  • Love life; wholly, unconditionally, relentlessly and fully

I also saw that 2010, besides being the Year of the Tiger on the Chinese calendar, is also potentially going to be the Year of the Tablet PC, the Year of the Roth IRA, the Year of Angry White Male and the Year of the Nurse. Be Prepared.

Edit: one more thing, I want to dropkick someone whilst running at full speed. This is a lifelong goal I have had, but I feel like 2010 has positive dropkick vibe.

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Usagi Yojimbo: Yokai

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When I was younger, I remember when Usagi Yojimbo was first brought into the Ninja Turtles universe, and I still have the action figure they made at my house today. Stan Sakai came out with this hardcover version of Yokai, featuring Usagi Yojimbo and it’s way cheap, to the point where I will probably end up buying it by day’s end.

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RZA – The Tao Of Wu

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I read about this book a month or so back and decided then I had to purchase it. It comes out October 15th and I can’t wait to peruse Bobby Digital’s words of wisdom.

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Penguin Suit

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Penguin has enlisted an assortment of artists to re-create cover work on a line of some of their classic novels. There are some really well done interpretations of iconic literary works, and I especially like Moby Dick, White Noise and this:


See the rest of them on the flickr stream here.


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Michael Kosmicki, a London designer, created these book covers for Faber publishing as follows:

The covers of the books are ‘inspired by the phenomena of a visual glitch’. Each one uses a computer algorithm script originally developed by Ted Davis to transform the title and section of the book into a graphic pattern. this pattern look like an error or a malfunctioning screen, but is completely unique to each book.


Amazing. Find more pictures via designboom