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Wooly Willy

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I plan on consuming a few of these beverages with some of my closest friends when back home in 48 hours (approximation, weather permitting) and I would have loved to get this wool cozy from Orvis (pronounced COO-ZEE) in hand to sheath my frosty brew. I think I can make one of these, as long as my Mom will sew it for me.

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To Be Frank

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Sometimes I forget that Frank Gehry designed one of the buildings on the University of Iowa campus. The Iowa Advanced Technology Laboratories was put completed in 1992. I actually watched an old WMC video and Tim ollies a grass gap between this building and the IMU. Thanks Frank!


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It’s Friday. Get Wild. Love Life.


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The Bellyscratchers’ Last Night in Town

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Upon getting my last roll of film developed, I was scrolling through the photos and came across this one about halfway through. Forgive me while I reflect on it with some sentimentalism momentarily and go softie on you all, but this couldn’t scream any more symbolically about why we spent this weekend in the mountains in the first place. The east coast won’t be the same without you, Ty, and I’ll miss you out here, but good luck finding those greener pastures you are seeking. Santiago & Dunbar 4 eva.


Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

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It’s Friday. Get Wild. Love Life.


What more can I say?

25 days til kickoff

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Johnson-Koulianos: “We’ll be hanging out on a Saturday night listening to music, and he’s shouting “USA” throughout the house. Why, at this moment, with girls over, are you screaming about America, with an American flag bandana around his head?”

DJK, talking to the Sporting News about, yep, Mr. Love It Or Leave It. This team is awesome.

via BHGP

Orchestrated Dilla

Posted in inspiration, iowa, love, music by arcanedufresne on May 23, 2010

So…where do I start? There are so many things here that are in such stark contrast that it makes it hard to completely understand how this came about. When I clicked play, expecting to see an orchestra playing their way through some J. Dilla songs, I got that and more. How did this end up coming from Iowa? Cedar Falls/Waterloo, no less. How can an orchestra rendition of J. Dilla make a bleak, February day in Iowa seem beautiful. Add in the juxtaposition of J. Dilla music being performed for a crowd composed of a great majority of elderly people who can barely walk to their seat, having no idea who this man is and the body of work he has left for us to enjoy, until tonight. The standing ovation. It almost chokes you up a little bit…

Here is a short article that talks a little bit more about how all of this came to be.

Whatever comes up comes out

Posted in iowa, love, music by arcanedufresne on February 14, 2010

While trouncing through frigid Iowa City, IA on this sunny February Sunday, this was my soundtrack.


And this on repeat:

For the concerned parties…

Posted in iowa by arcanedufresne on February 10, 2010

I made it into Des Moines around 9:15 PM CST last night. Pleasant flight, made a potential business/career connection and got to Ankeny safely to my aunt and uncle’s humble abode. Blogging will be scarce if any for the rest of the week, but I’ll do my best to come back in full force after the weekend. Once I saw the winter wonderland, I had a good idea for a blog post series while I was out here to bring all the NE readers a good idea of what winter really is, but I opted for light travel and left the Nikon at home. Maybe next time…

Thanks to everyone who checked in. I love all y’all.

P.S. Is it weird that I love this frigid tundra? It is currently 17 degrees outside and I want to go stand on the front porch and look at my breath in the crisp air.

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