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Tony Bearstark

Posted in comics, toys by arcanedufresne on June 16, 2010

There are times when a collaboration between two entities come together and they form such an ideal union that I fight to hide my joyous boy grin. This is one of those times. Bearbrick. Iron Man. Slated to release in August, and it’s a 400%, so maybe this time I will have to drop the green to make this toy mine. Donations welcome.


Zombie Nation

Posted in toys by arcanedufresne on October 26, 2009

Remind me in January to grab these Zombified Mickey Mouse and Julius Bearbrick figures.


Where The Bearbricks Are

Posted in movies, toys by arcanedufresne on October 13, 2009

Everything that is being released in regards to Where The Wild Things Are only makes me want to see it even more, which at this point seems impossible. Combined with the fact that I am already a Bearbrick fan, and this is a gem.


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